Optimize Your Thinking: How to Unlock Your Performance Potential




You Are The Keeper of Your Performance Potential.

Now You Can Unlock It!

“Most people don’t take the time to think about their ways of thinking. Consequently, they overlook simple changes they could make for powerful results.”

– Jennifer Bridges, PMP

Are you set in your ways of thinking? You may not realize it, but your habitual thought patterns are most likely holding you back. In Optimize Your Thinking®, Jennifer Bridges, PMP, challenges you to choose how you thinking according to the situation or person you’re dealing with – rather than “operating on autopilot.” By pinpointing your ways of thinking, you can leverage your personal strengths and learn to adopt the strengths of others.

It’s a cerebral subject, but exploring your thought processes has never been more enjoyable. With eight colorful characters representing 8 Ways of Thinking®, Bridges intertwines an entertaining story with meaningful lessons. You’ll watch as some of the characters struggle due to their weaknesses and others harness their strengths for success. Whether it’s Donna the Detective, Ivan the Inventor, or Dr. Disaster, you’ll learn why the characters succeed or fail while uncovering the secrets to each style of thought.

Throughout the story, the principles of the 8 Ways of Thinking are explained in succinct, easy-to-understand formats. An empowering philosophy on all levels, Optimize Your Thinking provides an unforgettable ride through the minds of the characters we can all recognize and relate to. It’s a journey that promises to expand your mind – and your horizon.

The Thinking Journal: A Strength Assessment & Learning Guide To Optimize Your Thinking




Change Your Point of View. Change Your Life!

“While examining your personal thoughts takes courage and fortitude, the rewards are as limitless as your performance potential.”

– Jennifer Bridges, PMP

The essential companion to Jennifer Bridges’s first book – Optimize Your Thinking: How to Unlock Your Performance Potential – this journal takes you on an unprecedented journey of self-exploration. From 8 Ways of Thinking®, strength assessments to the introspective activities, the Thinking Journal® offers personally relevant insight into the complex workings of the human mind.

The approach to this cerebral topic is both educational and enjoyable. With eye-opening statistics, nuggets of wisdom, engaging explanations, and the memorable characters, Bridges reveals the inherent value of the 8 Ways of Thinking and shows how applying these styles can give you a distinct advantage in life.

As a thinker, a team member, and a leader, you’ll learn how to leverage this uncommon sense to gain new ground in all your endeavors.

Move beyond limited thinking. Solve the people puzzle. Unlock your performance potential – and see the world through enlightened eyes!

  • 8 Ways of Thinking Assessments
  • Scenario-Based Exercises
  • Guided Journal Entries
  • Self-Scoring Quizzes
  • Reflective Questionnaires
  • Thought-Provoking Quotes

PDUs2Go 2010: The nostalgia of 8 Colorful Characters and a journey of their minds

Thousands flocked to the site in August of 2007 to experience the Portable & Affordable™ Self-Paced courses and a new way to earn & learn™ with the nostalgia of a cast of 8 Colorful Characters and a journey of their minds

Press Release
Published: 8:24PM EST 17 Aug 2010

Three years ago, over thirty frenzied days of an exciting launch party, a new website became the centre of the attention with an extraordinary lineup of courses, which ultimately changed the history of the way PMPs earned PDUs.

Jennifer Bridges, PMP, Author of Optimize Your Thinking™ and the infamous Pizza Party™ launched these two courses, which had been recognized as GREATEST HITS among her corporate clients since 2005.

Unlike the original launch party in 2007, there was little frenzy among the thousands of the PMP customers but they still flock to buy these original GREATEST HITS. At the original launch, an unexpectedly large number of PMPs joined our community and tried our unheard of offer of 2.5 PDUs for $1 and referred their friends around the world.

Jennifer Bridges, PMP – Founder of PDUs2Go.com opened the 3rd Birthday Party on August 1 with the Birthday Bundle, the complete collection of all courses available since the original launch, and David Nour threw in yet another new FREE gift for our customers – Social Networking Best Practices on Twitter.

Customers today still load their iPhones and iPods, self-consciously downloading courses with a simple click of a button, invoking a distant memory of the cost and inconvenience of traditional course room and online training.

It all started two years ago with two courses – Optimize Your Thinking™ and the infamous Pizza Party™, globally recognized now as GREATEST HITS of PDUs2Go.com. Who knew that the nostalgia of 8 Colorful Characters and a journey of their minds along with a simple dish that every kid [and, project team] loves would start such a trend.

Inventive Thinking: Break Your Mind’s Mold

By Jennifer Bridges, PMP

“Creative thinking is today’s most prized, profit-producing possession for any individual, corporation, or country. It has the capacity to change you, your business, and the world.” – Robert P. Crawford, Expert in Creative Technique

While certain individuals have been deemed “creative” by society, in reality, everyone has the natural potential for Inventive Thinking. When you couple a willingness to embrace your creativity with your other inherent strengths, innovative ground can be covered.
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Resolute Thinking: Make it Happen!

By Jennifer Bridges, PMP

“Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen.” – Horace Mann, American Educator

There’s a time for contemplation and a time for action.  The resolute thinker attacks a problem with authority and gusto – never wasting a moment on indecisiveness. He’s a quick thinker you want on your team, especially during times of crisis.  He pinpoints the center of a problem and faces it head on.

As a thinker, can you think on your feet during a crisis?
As a team member, how do you work with a resolute thinker who’s in crisis mode?
As a leader, are you able to position this thinker so he succeeds without stepping on the toes of others?

Our resolute thinker occasionally pulls a false alarm but he does know how to tackle the hotspot in a situation.

The new economy is going to continue to require us change our thinking to Make it Happen! If you are needing an immediate solution, tackling complex issues among multiple teams, getting the team to move forward or identifying the source of a problem, resoluteness is going to be a key to your success.  If this is not your strong suit, I recommend strengthening an underutilized area of your brain you may have forgotten you have or identifying and identifying and leveraging those who excel in this area.  Sitting idle is not a choice.